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I Am Jackson: Avery Williamson

What is your hometown?

My hometown is Milan, and I moved back to West Tennessee this past June.

What brought you back?

I grew up farming, so to be able to return to that. And opportunities to do things in West Tennessee and to give back and be an influence in the community. 

Where else have you lived? 

I was in Miami right before coming here.
 My NFL career allowed me to live in Nashville, New Jersey, Pittsburg, and Miami. I went to college in Lexington, Kentucky.

What is your profession? 

I’m not just going to put myself in one box. I want to say Entrepreneur – I’m doing multiple things. For me, it’s the desire to be great and to be great at something other than football. You kind of get put in a box as an athlete, and I’m really motivated to be great at something else and prove to myself and to others that I can do it. 

Where have you volunteered and given back? 

Right now my main thing is volunteering at Jackson Christian. I’m there for three days a week, two practices and one game, I’m there coaching the middle linebackers. 

(Editor’s note: Avery was humble, but I think it is really inspiring that he volunteers his time completely for free. He didn’t accept payment for coaching, but wanted to give back and be a mentor for these young athletes.) 

What are some of your favorite things about Jackson? 

Good food, great people. People here are willing to grow and there is a lot of opportunity right now. There’s a lot of motion, and I think that’s why God called me to be here.

Three words that best describe you. 

Caring, Hardworking, and God-Fearing

Favorite place for going out? 

The Jamaican spot is so good. Jamaican & African Cuisine on Vann Drive. (Note from Chelsea – when I met with Avery, he had picked up a to-go from there and convinced me I need to go try it! I’m going this weekend. It looked so good!)
We haven’t been back for too long yet, so we have so much to explore still. Right now, my son’s favorite thing is riding around at home on the RZR. So that’s what I want to do more of, ride around on that at home with him. 

What is one thing that you do not go a day without?  

Breakfast. If I miss it, I will be okay, but it throws my day off. I gotta eat.

Finish this statement, I AM JACKSON because…

I am innovative. And so is Jackson.

This article is from VIP Magazine, a premier publication for events and local coverage throughout Jackson and West Tennessee.